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3 Reasons to switch to natural skincare products

I'm sure you've seen the natural skincare craze all over social media and among celebrities. Although using natural skincare products has become popular, you have to consider is it really for you. Today we are sharing our Top 3 reasons we believe you should make the switch.

1.) Using natural products on your face and body is a lifestyle choice. Just like you enjoy working out and eating healthy, skincare products can have a long term effect on your health as well. Did you know that your skin can absorb up to 60% of what you apply to it?

This is what I imagine you look like after reading the paragraph above.

Yup I'm shocked too.

2.) Natural ingredients provide healthy nutrition for your skin. There's a reason why even toxic skin care brands incorporate a few natural skin care ingredients in their products...because it works and is effective (they may use it as a selling point too). Natural ingredients contain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that will help to improve the quality and health of your skin over time.

3.) Natural skincare products (that are actually natural and contains ALL natural ingredients) contain natural ingredients. Unfortunately, when you walk into a store or order skin care products online, the front of the bottle will show you all the natural ingredients in the bottle but when you turn the bottle around and check the ingredient list, half of the ingredients are harmful and toxic and are hard to even pronounce. There is no explanation as to why those ingredients are in the bottle or the risks involved in being exposed to them long-term.

With natural skincare products that actually use all natural ingredients like Ancient Rituals Shop, every ingredient is natural and helps to promote healthy skin over time. We create skin care products that you can trust. Finding quality natural skin care products should not have to be so difficult to find and we hope to help make your skin care journey easier for you by creating products that are non-toxic and easy to use.

We hope we've given you some solid reasons to make the switch if you haven't and to give you additional confidence in your choice if you already have.

-Ancient Rituals Shop


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